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The project 75 sq meters apartment is a minimal home located in Kyiv, Ukraine. Located on the fourth floor of a pre-revolutionary period (the early 20th century) apartment building in the heart of Kyiv which had a renovation in the 1970s, this apartment has views of the quiet courtyard.

The apartment features high ceilings (3.5m) and windows only on the one side. The original floor plan was very inconvenient and outdated so it was decided to remove walls and create a contemporary open-plan space.

Space is characterized by a neutral grey color palette, with deep color accents such as the deep red dining table or deep green sofa. To maximize space was designed the strict laconic multifunctional furniture unit which includes a kitchen, hall and bathroom equipment. The walls in the bathroom are faced with original tiles, which had previously been used for the balcony walls.

Year: 2018
Location: Kyiv, Ukraine

made by Pasha Tereshkov & VOLNA